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Scream Until You Like It
this review posted on: Wed., September 28, 2005
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Scream Until You Like It..
Want to scream like Randy from Lamb Of God or Brian from Shadows\' Fall or even Corey from Slipknot but don\'t want to ruin your vocal chords? Well, Melissa Cross will be the answer to your prayers..

This New York vocal coach has trained some of the best modern day metal vocalists on the scene and, courtesy of her new DVD, The Zen Of Screaming, you too could have a voice like the devil. Visit her website using the link below where you can view clips from this awesome and, for all you metal vocalists, utterly essential DVD.

To find out more though, we talked to the person who has shared a room with members of Lamb Of God, Slipknot and Madball and, by the end of their time together, has had them eating out of the palm of her hand!

Planet Loud - Hi Melissa, how\'s things today?
Melissa Cross Great. Thanks for having me.

Planet Loud - For those people who don\'t know who Melissa Cross is could you give us a potted lifestory?
Melissa Cross - I was born in Texas. I went to music school and theatre school, studied opera and Shakespeare. Finished my 3 years at The Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol (UK) and I went to LA and started a band. We opened for X, Black Flag, Circle Jerks to name a few. We made a single for Nomis Records in the UK. I moved to New York. I blew out my voice screaming at CBGB. I could not make the vocal technique that I had learned for years work for anything I was doing, so I simply threw the rules out the window. What I learned through the study and the healing of my voice without surgery (speech therapy) plus my performance experience gives me the goods to teach what I teach.

Planet Loud - Could you tell us a bit about your work?
Melissa Cross - Straightforward vocal instruction. However, I\'ve been able to translate what has formerly been assumed to be stuffy and contrived (voice lessons) to a music genre where vocal injury is rampant because of the mandatory sincerity and passion of its artists. My ten minute warm-up substitutes a singer\'s focus from listening to their own voices or from losing all control with imagery that will enable complete control of delivery. It is mind-body coordination. Sounds new age and touchy feely but it is NOT..

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"...the Bible for extreme vocals. Don't open your mouth 'til you've watched this DVD." Tom Beaujour, Editor, REVOLVER MAGAZINE > MORE INFO
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