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this review posted on: Mon., July 25, 2005
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WOW! I have finally found another vocal instructor who understands the rigorous demands of the hard core rock vocalist. New York vocal instructor, Melissa Cross has created a DVD that presents a no nonsense approach to singing hard rock and screaming, while focusing on solid vocal technique. She has worked with hardcore metal acts, such as Lamb of God and Shadows Fall.

The Zen of Screaming is over 2 hours of extreme vocal instruction based on Melissaís experiences. She has taken her classical training from prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy and the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England and developed a way to mix classical technique with the unbridled passion of rock singing. In her own words, Melissa says, "I was able to extract the essential aspects of classical technique, apply them to speech - and then, again, apply them back to music." She teaches singers ways to add grit to their voice without losing their voice.

The Zen of Screaming is the first DVD of itís kind. It is an easy to follow along training program with step-by-step exercises and vocal explanations. This DVD includes tips on vocal maintenance, actual vocal cord footage, and animations, which illustrate each specific vocal exercise. Melissa also presents footage of some of her professional clients, in interviews and during vocal training sessions with Melissa.

If your goal is to sing extreme metal but are continually losing your voice, if you want more power, if you want more grit, if you want to learn to scream your brains out without suffering vocally, then The Zen of Screaming is for you! I give this DVD my stamp of approval. Out of all the instructional DVDís, videos, books, and vocal programs I have read and studied over the years, The Zen of Screaming is the closest approach to the way I teach voice. Although I have several students who sing styles other than rock, (pop, country, etcÖ) I believe in teaching ALL of my students how to add range and power to their voice. Strengthen the vocal apparatus first, then approach singing technique. Melissaís methods are very similar to how I teach students to obtain this power, and range, and add grit and growl without losing their voice. But, donít take my word for it. Go to

- Jaime Vendera



"...the Bible for extreme vocals. Don't open your mouth 'til you've watched this DVD." Tom Beaujour, Editor, REVOLVER MAGAZINE > MORE INFO
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