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BORN TO SING? The 411.
this email was sent out on: 03:23:35 PM Sun., August 21, 2005
I wanted to know to get vocal training, do you already have to be a singer, or does it teach you to be able to use your voice because I heard you have to already have a voice, like “born to sing”. A natural talent I guess is what I'm trying to say is: Can I still benefit from what you have to offer? Even if I'm not a singer already? I've had no training, but I LOVE to sing.

There are very, very few people who cannot sing. You do not have to be "born" to sing. That is a ridiculous myth, probably created by people who needed to feel more secure in an exclusive members only club wherein their talent makes them one of a "chosen" few. There ARE some that find singing easier than others. For example, there ARE some that enjoy performing in front of people more than others. There are those that were more musically exposed in early childhood. And, there ARE some that find assimilating pitches easier than others as well as people who have some physiology that makes reproducing pitch a little easier for them. That stuff is most likely genetically pre-disposed. BUT, if you love to open your mouth and make noise from your soul, and you can hear that one note is higher than another, you CAN learn by practicing. There are very few people that are actually “tone deaf” and cannot retain tonal information; a lot less than most people think. That's because screwed up music teachers in grade school give less adept kids a complex about it! Music is an intuitive language with a vocabulary that CAN be learned. If it is too hard and you just hate it- then quit! Go love something else more. It’s all about your love and dedicating your life to finding the best way to express it.

There is a great deal of info in the Vocal Solutions section on the site. And my “Zen of Screaming” DVD tells you just about everything you need to know to get started, whether you are a singer, a screamer; both or neither. It is not about being the BEST in the WORLD, because there is NO SUCH THING. That is all a matter of opinion, isn’t it? Music is ART. It is intuitive and expressive. Don’t treat it like a competitive sport! And remember, it's not about sounding "good". It's about sounding REAL. Trust that sounding REAL will sound GOOD. You will need to be too busy sounding real to ever know about how good you sound. Good luck! You GO!



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