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Locked Up In Serbia!
this email was sent out on: 10:11:09 PM Sun., November 20, 2005

Hi, Iím a guy from Serbia and I bought the DVD. It helped me 100%. I used to destroy my throat like an idiot before I learned how to scream properly. I have a small problem with my voice that occurs sometimes. Actually it has happened 3 times so far and I donít know why! Here is the problem: I can sing totally anything, hit any note, itís just that when I feel the air doesnít come out as it should, I mess up everything. My throat isnít sore, I just donít know whatís wrong. I have this problem when I feel a slight tension in my front neck muscles and I canít relax. This tension is holding my breath and I just canít scream. As I mentioned, it only happened a few times, but it was a disaster. If it helps you, please check out how I sing on this link and tell me what it is that Iím doing wrong. This was one of the worst gigs I have ever had!

I enjoyed listening to your MP3! The problem that I heard is exactly what you described. You hold your breath! It seems to be happening during transitions from true cord to false vocal cord production (distortion). Once you are into the scream, you do seem to correctly let it flow. What I am hearing is that you stop the overall flow by an overly tight and abrupt use of the dump and lift of the larynx in the initial moment that begins your scream. This locks up your throat and your breath. Check out Launch and Flow in the DVD. You need to keep the feeling of air like running water through throat at all times. Even though the sensation of air running through like water is not at all what is actually occurring, that image works to keep you from using so much obstruction or ďclamping downĒ on it so tightly. I also find that you are placing too much veneer on your voice- like a varnish. You need to paint images in the air with the vowels of the words- not be so contrived in the attempt to produce a texture. Your emotion will produce texture without your thinking about it. I am hearing on this mp3 that you are "thinking" during the transitions between your different textures. Please let me know if this helps at all and thank you for writing me!



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