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Hi, Melissa. Got the DVD/CD a few weeks ago and have been loving it! Thank you. I was watching Rockstar INXS and Ron Anderson was on...he mentioned that proper vocalization means one can hum and swallow at the same time. Is that possible, and if so, do you have any tips to do it? Of course they left the how-to part out! Your DVD has helped me tremendously thus far and I still want more control and know it will take a lot of practice...above the pencil! I was hoping you'd be the INXS voice coach ...the show would have been so much sweeter. Take care, Pete

Don’t try this crap at home, kids! Is that we he said? I did not see the show, and I must say I am baffled,. The act of swallowing involves a closure of the epiglottis to protect the airway (where your vocal cords are located) from getting food or liquid in it. To accomplish this suggestion in actuality (is it even possible?) could choke you to death! Only air belongs in your lungs, not any swallowed substance meant for your stomach. In “The Zen of Screaming” DVD, you can even view the epiglottis movement. It is at the beginning of the vocal cord movie when the camera passes into the throat in the Special Features/Medical Footage chapter. You will also see vocal cords in action for singing, speaking, whispering, and SCREAMING (correctly and incorrectly). You can see for yourself how swallowing is irrelevant here! Never believe anything that doesn’t make sense, no matter how “famous” the source. Use your intuition when accepting instruction as valid or not. Singing or speaking correctly involves the proper coordination of the mechanisms involving air pressure in the lungs and closure of the vocal cords. Competing with the epiglottis has no point to it at all. And by the way, there is no one feat or exercise that can define "proper vocalizing". Proper vocalizing can only be defined by the coordination of the consciousness and muscle memory to enable an ease of performance as a result of a warm-up process, not a call to 911!



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